Sail Cabin Records are very proud to release the new album from SOL SOL, titled “What Year Is It?”! It will be available on CD and digital platforms on January 28. (Vinyl edition will be released later this year.)

SOL SOL is a Swedish jazz group featuring some of Sweden’s top jazz musicians, playing their highly original music, written by Elin Forkelid and David Stackenäs. This is their second album as a group. (Their first album “Unaccustomed Soil” was released 2019 on Signal and Sound Records.)

Elin Forkelid, saxophones

David Stackenäs, guitar

Mauritz Agnas, bass

Anna Lund, drums

We’re very happy to announce that the record Elin Forkelid Plays For Trane is released on Sail Cabin Records on September 18, available on CD, 2 LP Vinyl (180g) and all major digital platforms.

The record features Elin’s own personal take on the music of John Coltrane and features some of Sweden’s greatest jazz musicians.

Elin Forkelid, saxophones

David Stackenäs, guitar

Mattias Ståhl, vibraphone

Ville Bromander, bass

Jon Fält, drums

Elin Forkelid Plays For Trane, SCRCD001 & SCRLP001